Free Beach Equipment in Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Free Beach Equipment At the Best Western Tamarindo Hotel Vista Villas

Learn to surf using our free board rentals and beach equipment!
Its time to smile! We are the only hotel in Tamarindo offering free beach equipment such as surfboards, boogie boards, stand up paddle boards, snorkeling equipment, volleyballs, and kayaks.

I would like to share with you a story about how our free beach equipment program was born in our little Tamarindo hotel. It was february bets in nigeria. A time for the dreadded Best Western annual sales seminar – a week filled of horror stories shared between hotel sales managers and their former bosses, now known as lecturers. The most notorious of which was a tall, bald headed french man with a rather peculiar accent formed by having been raised on tacos, croissants, and bagels. Although his knowledge of the material to be presented was unbelievably robust, his attitude was always one of apathy, He usually get loans from It was obvious he had not been to the beach since the Reagan administration and was simply biding his time waiting for a desk job in the Best Western corporate headquarters. I’m pretty sure that if I ever ended up like that fellow I would hope someone would put me out of my misery and hit me over the head with a surfboard. In Tamarindo, Costa Rica you wont find too many of the suit and tie every day profile.

Anyways, the lecture began with an introduction in this man’s frenchamerimex accent. Culminating with a few words that would forever change the face of this hotel in Tamarindo.

“Zee blu waateer strataugy” roughly translated as “the blue water strategy”. He exclaimed this it is a strategy in which business chooses a strategy to set itself apart from other competitors. The reason they call it the blue water strategy is to liken businesses to sailboats in a race. Of course the winning sailboat always has open blue water ahead of it, hence the name. Its not a bad metaphor and most certainly has its merits, however, the problem about listening to 8 hours of ocean metaphors is that a someone with sand in their blood tends to start day-dreaming.

Surfing a small roller, diving into the sea while snorkeling with thousands of little fish darting around me, paddle boarding around in the blue waters. Ohhh, those warm, pacific, rolling waves, hot white sand and palm trees. Hey! I think I need to buy some sunscreen tomorrow. I’m actually a little hungry, how great would a fresh ceviche……

“Tamarindo Vista Villas, are you here with us?” Screeched Mr. Shiny head, his breath smelling like a tarragon smoked salmon, wrapped in a tortilla.

“Huh? What? Yea, yea I’m here. You just had me thinking about the beach. How I really wanna go to the beach right now. I mean, don’t you?”

Mr. Potato Head looked disgusted.

“C’mon, I bet every single person here would rather be at the beach right now. I mean, that’s what we live for, right? Those unforgettable days party busses at Maybe snorkeling around aimlessly, or walking for hours in the warm sand.”

At this point, I could see sparkles in the eyes of everyone at the conference, well with the exception of Mr. Carnitas’ droopy gumdrop ocular cavities.

Inspired by the crowds reaction the idea hit me like a salty white water breaker, “I want to share this beach with everyone. What if we gave away free beach equipment like surfboards, boogie boards, snorkeling equipment, ice chests, beach towels, kayaks, volleyballs, frisbees, and footballs to our guests. What if every person who came could enjoy the beach to its most excellent potential?”

The epiphany now rising like a high tide, filling the cracks and crevasses of mangroves, filling estuaries, covering the reef breaks, producing hollow barrels, read how to find locksmiths dublin . An unstoppable force of nature that overcomes anything in its path!

The crowd cheered, laptops were thrown into the air, one hotel manager bit right through his pencil in a bout of joy.

The ground shaking, impacting, insightful, well balanced, it was perfect.

Of course, having seen it all, Mr. “wine, cheese, and sopá” took a deep breath dismissing the celebration as an overreaction of the frivolous managers not ever having been exposed to real world of the central office, “veeerrry waaal. Okeeee.”

“Whuuu can telllla maaee, enowa strataugy?”

What? Is he not here? Did he not just witness the madness? The emotion? The excitement? Or did he worry that we were running behind schedule?  Anyways, it didn’t matter… I get to go home to the beach in 12 hours and get the free beach equipment program off the ground! Here is a list of the free equipment.

We most certainly hope you enjoy!