This is a real improvements for Tamarindo Costa Rica Hotels

Improvements in Tamarindo Airport

2500 arrivals on a daily basis

Tamarindo Airport has a new asphalt folder on the landing strip.  The new 900 meters of asphalt enables the arrival of aircraft, increases safety levels and improves the aesthetics. The community is pleased with the improvements in Tamarindo Airport. Know more about loanquickvalue

The Diriá Group – owners of the property – installed the new track. They also fenced the access ramps and the parking area of the aircraft.

David López, Manager of Sansa in Tamarindo, explianed that about 2500 domestic and foreign tourists arrive at the Guanacaste Beach Airport on a daily basis thanks to six daily commercial flights plus other charter flights.

“This is a long-awaited project for the entire community and tourism industry in the area that is the main source of income and employment for the entire region, so we are more than satisfied that this work has been completed ” said the local manager of Sansa.

The opening of Tamarindo Airport  took place  35 years ago and since then, has allowed trips from the Central Valley in only 45 minutes.

“This improvement  means more safety conditions and a better aesthetic for customers who will reach a place that meets the ideal conditions for transporting people” said Lopez.