Tamarindo Beach Community

Do you remember your last visit to Tamarindo? Did you notice that beach was clean? Did you see the lifeguards monitoring people in the sea? Did you visit our Oneida Park for kids? Have you seen the Farmer´s Market? None of those things are the result of pure magic. Behind them is a Tamarindo Beach community that works in order to offer you an excellent vacation.

Our hotel is part of the Tamarindo beach community. For several years now, our Manager, Trevor Bernard, has been actively involved in the Tamarindo Integral Association of Development. He works alongside with other entrepreneurs is taking actions that ensure the well being of our community. Its main pillars are: lifeguards, cleaning and recycling, security and the Oneida Park for children. The Board of Directors works for free and meets every 15 days. They coordinate committee tasks and analyze projects from other committed neighbors.

ADI is in constant communication with the Municipality of Santa Cruz, the Ministry of Health and other governmental entities. They also organize the Farmers’ Market that takes place on Saturday mornings. Residents of our community and nearby areas sell their products and services at the Farmers’Market. You will find handicrafts, clothes, homemade food, fruits and vegetables.

Every visitor can collaborate with the ADI. All our guests at Tamarindo Vista Villas may help by making a 50 cents per room per night donation. Last December with these kinds of donations, we had our best fundraising month. We thank you for your generosity and we hope that more people will join us.

We would also like other hotels, shops, tours, restaurants and business owner to join the ADI in their help to our community.

tamarindo community
ADI´s Board Members
Lifeguard Team
One of our many artists at Farmer´s Market


Recycling Program
Meeting about security with neighbors