Romantic things to do in tamarindo

5 romantic things to do in Tamarindo

Tamarindo offers the perfect scenario for couples. These are 5 romantic things to do in Tamarindo:

1. Romantic dinner on the beach. Lovers can enjoy a fancy dinner listening to the ocean´s waves. You can choose to have it in an elegant hotel restaurant or in a  picnic on the beach.  The famous chef Jamie Oliver suggests a few recipes for a good picnic. 
2. Couples massage. You can ask for a massage in your private room or while listening to the waves on the beach. We suggest massage by Elizabeth.
3. Diving lessons.  Another thing to do in Tamarindo. You can take diving lessons with your partner and find the incredible world that is under the sea. There are many companies that offer this service:  Tamarindo Diving, Be Water Tamarindo  and Agua Rica.
4. Boat ride. What´s more romantic than a boat ride with your loved one? Antares, Blue Dolphin, and Marlín Del Rey offer this lovely experience.
5. Sunset. Free romantic option available every day around 6 p.m. Arguably, the most beautiful sunsets in the world are found in Costa Rica. Click this link here now. Need some help to your financing