Tamarindo surf lessons

The Best Western Hotel Tamarindo Vista Villas is proud to announce our partnership with Salty Sols Surf School. At the beginning of 2016, the Best Western Hotel solidified an amazing agreement with Eric Atkinson, the founder of Salty Sols Surf School in order to be able to provide our guests with the finest Tamarindo surf lessons, Costa Rica.

Salty Sols Surf School gives small group and individual surf lessons, offering beginner, intermediate, and advanced surf lessons with an option for surf trips. With an unrivaled passion for surfing as well as teaching others how to surf, Eric has earned the trust of many clients through the years in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. The goal at Salty Sols is that every client walks, away with an excellent surfing experience, a great introduction in learning to surf, and a lot of fun memories in the process.

Generally a surf lesson lasts 2 hours with a maximum of 4 people in a group.  However, larger groups can be reserved by adding an additional instructor, assuring that everyone will get plenty of attention, while helping to ensure a safe surfing session. The lessons are generally given at Tamarindo Beach or just on the other side of the Tamarindo Estuary,  on the south end of Playa Grande.  Private or semi-private Tamarindo surf lessons are also good options for intermediate or advanced level surfers.

One of the great things about Salty Sols is the flexibility of the classes. We know that there are a ton of fun things to do in Costa Rica besides spending time for Tamarindo surf lessons,  so we are happy to work around your schedule of activities.  We will, however, recommend the best times for the tides, conditions, etc. Another goal we strive for is getting our surfers to the point of being able to go out on their own and catch their own waves. So once we are in the water, besides helping the student by pushing them into the waves, we also explain how to read the waves, which way the wave is breaking, turning, timing, how to properly put yourself into the right spot to catch the wave, safety instruction, and any other little pointers/feedback to get you to that next level.  We want to help you catch a wave, and hopefully catch a passion for surfing, in the process!

Salty Sols Surf School is located at the Hotel Best Western, Tamarindo Vista Villas.