Surf Spots

Playa Tamarindo

Right in front of our doorstep you will find Playa Tamarindo. Playa Tamarindo is perfect for the beginning surfer with beginner/intermediate surfing skill level waves.

Playa Grande

Located a walking distance away from Best Western Tamarindo Vista villas you will find a beach which is suited for the at least slightly more experienced surfer. Here you will find waves differing from intermediate to advanced skill level.

Witches Rock

If you are an advanced surfer than you probably already know this spot. Take the boat to the Witches Rock which is a giant iconic boulder standing tall in the Pacific Ocean, to surf the fast and hollow waves for advanced level surfers only.

Ollie’s Point

You want to have an open ocean surf spot, as Witches Rock, but slightly easier than Witches Rock? Then Ollie’s Rock would be perfect for you. The waves are slightly less big but are perfect to add on your trip to Witches Rock. Go to Ollie’s point if you are looking for intermediate-advanced waves.

Playa Negra

The very fast waves of Playa Negra are for the most experienced surfers only. Playa Negra is considered as one of the best surf spots in Costa Rica.


Avellanas is a surfer’s paradise located 25 minutes away from Tamarindo. The beach produces a wide variety of different skill level waves. We advise you to visit this location if you are an intermediate or advanced surfer.