Tamarindo Beach Cam

Here is a live feed from our Tamarindo Beach Cam. Enjoy!

As you can see, Tamarindo Beach is always a great place to hang out. You will see a couple of the breaks from the cameras. The first is Casitas, which is a mid to high tide break, peeling off of the rocks located just across the Tamarindo River Mouth. The second location is the river mouth break, which boasts a long and mellow left, peeling into the center of the river. The third location is the beach break where most beginners learn to surf. Finally you will see pico pequeño which breaks just inside the rocks at the southern part of the camera feed.

The best tides for surfing this area are from mid to high tides, so a savvy surfer will try and time his vacation just right so that the high tide lines up once in the morning and once in the evening. Don’t forget that we offer free surfboard, stand up paddle board, kayaks, and snorkeling equipment for all of our guests.

A great place to stay! A great place to stay!